Why Re-Releases Aren’t The Death of Gaming.

Another day, another uprising in gaming. This time around we have a contingent of gamers who believe that re-releases are a waste of time and should be banished. My simple question is…..why? It’s hilarious to me that this has somehow JUST become an issue. It’s also hilarious to see the upset parties cherry pick which re-releases are unnecessary.

Let’s think about this. Why exactly are you mad? The only real reason I have seen is “these companies could be making new games instead of porting old ones.” The most recent examples people love to throw out are The Last of Us, Tomb Raider, and GTA V. Let’s examine these titles. The Tomb Raider sequel was announced at E3, yet people will have you believe that it was held up by the existence of the Tomb Raider port to current gen consoles. Do you have any proof that it would have been ready sooner? No. Ok. Same with TLOU and Uncharted 4. As for Rockstar and GTA V, they only make new games every 3-5 years anyway. Yet you want to believe that this GTA V port is somehow delaying the next GTA game. Yeah, ok. These ports don’t take a lot of money or manpower to make. That’s a big reason why they exist! Most of the time development teams can just set aside a small group to handle the port while the rest of the squad marches on with the next project.

I have also heard people complain that “these remakes are just a cash grab.” SO WHAT! You think these companies can make these AAA games with our hopes and dreams? The money has to come from somewhere. Would you rather ne nickel and dimed with endless DLC? I doubt it. It’s not that hard to skip a game you don’t want to pay for. You want to deny millions of people the chance to play a game that you already enjoyed. For no reason really. That’s pretty lame. I know at least 10 people who will purchase TLOU on PS4 simply because they didn’t have a PS3 to play it and heard great things. How is that a negative? You know how many people will get to experience Halo for the first time because of the Master Chief collection? I’M ONE OF THEM! I will never have a problem with more people being exposed to games that are celebrated. I don’t care if it has only been a year. As long as it isn’t redone in the same gaming cycle, I’m cool. More success for those games means we are likely to see them in the future. Or something similar. That’s a win in my book.

My question is why aren’t all remakes slammed? Guacamelee was just redone a year after the original and everyone applauded that. The original Ratchet and Clank is being redone; outrage levels low. Telltale’s Walking Dead series is being ported to current gen, yet no outrage. Everyone went crazy at E3 for the Master Chief Collection. It seems to only be a problem when you think a company you’re fond of is holding off new projects in favor of remakes. Nobody complained last gen when HD remakes were flying off the shelves. The Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy HD remakes have been generally appreciated. And I know you’re still praying for that Final Fantasy 7 remake. Shit, Square Enix’s best game last year might have been the Ducktales remake! Remember the Metal Gear Solid Collection, we hated that right? Nope. God of War Collection anyone? Halo Anniversary ring a bell? Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD jog your memory? Wind Waker HD? Ico Collection? What about Game Of The Year editions that release roughly a year after the original title? Are those ok with you? It’s essentially the EXACT SAME THING, minus the spiffy new graphics. This isn’t new man. Calm your tits.

I don’t know what else to say. I’m no authority on gaming. My opinion isn’t that important. I just don’t understand why this is such a big deal. I know you want to blame this generation’s lack of AAA titles on these ports, but they aren’t to blame. If anything, it’s the reverse. These developers seem to have underestimated how long their games would take to bake, so they whipped up some appetizers in the meantime. I know that doesn’t do much for you if you ate on the way in, but that’s a problem that can’t really be fixed. I don’t think anyone expects you to go out and buy a game you already played against your will. The best advice I can give is buy what you want to play, and wait for everything else. You’re going to drive yourself crazy looking for reasons to be mad. Video games are supposed to relieve stress man, have some fun. I’ll talk to you guys later.

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