Sniper Elite III Giveaway!

What up!

We’re back with our second official giveaway. This time around we got some Sniper Elite III codes for everyone. So here’s what we’re asking of you this time.

All you have to do is follow our twitter (@OurcadeGames) and give us ideas for our next podcast. Just tell us what we should talk about. It’s that simple. We’ll give the codes to whoever has our favorite ideas. Sound easy? Good, because it is. So be creative! If you don’t have a twitter, then follow the blog and leave your podcast idea in the comment section of this post. We’ll announce the winners tomorrow afternoon.

We have 4 codes for the PS4, and 5 codes for the XBox One. Good luck to everyone!


16 thoughts on “Sniper Elite III Giveaway!

  1. Have each podcasters spend $5 on a downloadable game on either PC, Xbox 360, PS3 or WiiU. Explain why you picked that specific title and share your experience with it. In addition you can also have people send it suggestions for $5 games. You might end up with some hidden gems. 🙂

  2. I would like you guys to talk about your top 5 Villains in gameing. It would be fun to hear what you guys have to say.

    PS love your blogs,I read them through my email

    Keep up the good work guys

  3. Dedicate one of your podcasts to music in video games. Discuss and share your favourite tunes with your listeners. What songs struck you the most? How did they enhance the gaming experience?

    Request for Xbox One if chosen.

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  5. Games you’ve played, but couldn’t get into or finish for some reason. That might be an interesting topic.

    Request for Xbox One if chosen.

  6. Next podcast should be about games claimed to be overhyped that you bought into and thought that it wasn’t overhyped at all.

    Request for Xbox One if chosen.

  7. Lost in translation. The best Japanese games who never made it to the US.

    Request for Playstation 4 if chosen.

  8. It would be interesting if you guys could talk about forgotten game characters. Some probably need to remain forgotten, while others might worth bringing back.

    Request for Xbox One if chosen.

  9. You should talk about all the old game series that you think should be brought back for the new generation of consoles.
    Can I have a ps4 code if I win please.

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