Transistor’s Soundtrack Is A Must Listen

I’m usually not one to pay attention to video game soundtracks. Soundtracks obviously play a great part in creating the mood and atmosphere of video games, but with the exception of something like the Grand Theft Auto series, it’s really not a focal point for me. Enter Transistor, whose soundtrack was so aurally pleasing I actually downloaded the soundtrack to my HTC One so I could carry it with me.

If you haven’t heard, Transistor is the latest indie darling from developer Supergiant Games (SG), creators of Xbox 360 exclusive Bastion. The player is in control of a singer named Red who’s carrying a sword so big she has to drag it across the floor. The kicker here, is that Red was a singer and through events I’m still searching through, has lost her voice. This sets up a romp through a beautifully created city where music plays a very central part of the story.

The music in the game was created by Darren Korb with all the vocals sung by Ashley Barrett. I’m not a music expert, so I’m not sure what category this music falls into, but suffice it to say, it’s excellent at creating and maintaining somber moods. As a person who has spent a great deal of time listening to artists like Sade and Joe Budden (the preferred music of choice for all those who like to be depressed on sunny days), the music of Transistor fits right at home on my playlist. I’ve never, EVER, downloaded a video game soundtrack before in my life, so when I tell you this one is legit, believe it.

If you’re interested in getting a copy of the soundtrack, you can listen to it for free and buy (if you want to) here. I would recommend at least giving it a listen if nothing else. It’s a pretty dope listen.

Favorite Tracks: Old Friends, Signals, Blank Canvas and Coasting.


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