Sunset Overdrive. Welcome Back.

So waaaaaaaaay back a whole year ago at E3, Insomniac Games (of Resistance, Spyro, and Ratchet & Clank series goodness) and Microsoft gave us this juicy trailer here.

I, being a guy who likes over the top multiplayer co-op games (see: the first 3 Dead Rising games) immediately flocked to this game. Between this, Dead Rising 3 (which I never really got into because it wasn’t vibrant enough for me) and Killer Instinct, I had made my decision that Xbox One was the console for me. Well, I never fell in love with DR 3, so I’ve been stuck with KI (not exactly a bad thing, even with just 7 characters) while Sunset Overdrive just faded into obscurity. We were left with that trailer and a twitter handle (@SunsetOverdrive) that didn’t give us too much insight into the game. In my head, I have great memories of Jet Set Radio, Left 4 Dead, and Crackdown, just HOPING, PRAYING, that Sunset Overdrive can tap into that co-op goodness. This just looked like one of these games where you’d hear “Xbox record that” over and over just because it’s over the top.

Bring in today. Still don’t have a release date, but as far as I know it’s a 2014 release. What we DO know is that it doesn’t feature story co-op. Maybe I took it upon myself to think it was going to have a co-op mode (look at the trailer– he gets a gun from a friend, another friend shoots the vinyls) but I’m let down just a little bit. The way it looked, I think it would have been great for a co-op mode. But on good faith I’m hoping this becomes my latest version of Far Cry 3; a really good single player mode, and a multiplayer mode that keeps me occupied. The team behind the handle promises “unique things” in the multiplayer mode, and since it probably won’t be directly correlated to the SP experience, hopefully that leaves more room for over the top multiplayer fun. More information about this game should drop soon, but who knows how that’ll work out. I’m really excited to see the actual gameplay, even if it isn’t what I expected it to be. One of these games that I bought the Xbox for has to really be great, right? RIGHT?

Nonetheless, is this game even on your radar? What’s the next thing you’re waiting for on your system?

Edit: Yup. Just found this on the internet. I’m sold.

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