MLB 14: The Show (PS4) Launch Preview

MLB 14: The Show has already been released on the PS3 in time for the start of the actual MLB season, but the PS4 version had to spend a bit more time on the DL before it was ready to debut. Well, the wait is over. PS4 owners will get the opportunity to play the newest edition in the baseball sim around, when it goes live today on PSN.

First, lets get to the most obvious thing about the PS4 version. It’s beautiful. I’m not sure how into baseball the rest of the guys are, but as I retweeted screenshot after screenshot on Twitter, the reactions on social media were positive and increasingly so with each retweet. I’ve got friends that have never played a baseball game, saw these pictures, and were immediately interested in making a purchase. Believe it or not though, the screenshots don’t do it justice. Some gameplay videos have popped up over the last few days and have been even more impressive than the screenshots! Animations as slight as stretches between pitches, to the hop from a left fielder as he gathers for the throw to the cut-off man, are given new life thanks to the power of the PS4.

Look at that...

Look at that…

Gameplay wise, if you’ve played an entry in this series, you know what to expect; tight controls for hitting, pitching and fielding. Business as usual. The Show 14 comes with the same modes as its PS3 counterpart, such as Online Franchises, Road to the Show (This game’s version of a career mode), Diamond Dynasty (MLB version of Madden’s Ultimate Team). One of the biggest additions to the series is the “Quick Counts” feature. The feature allows you to play faster games by placing you in counts that are advantageous to gameplay. 2 Ball-1 Strike counts, 3 Ball-1Strike counts, 3-Ball-No strike counts, 2 strike counts, and full counts. It allows you to get to the meat of the Pitcher/Hitter battles and makes for exciting moments in the game. The Show 14 also allows you to “player lock” in modes outside of Road to the Show in order to make games quicker as well. So if you want to control only Carlos Gomez (Brewers Bias) and have him rob Joey Votto, it’s possible.



Now here’s the part where I temper expectations just a little bit, this is of course the first PS4 entry in the series and it was made concurrently with the PS3 version. Because of that, there may be slight issues that need to be patched over time. A few bugs here and there, but I don’t expect anything game-altering. Such are the things developers deal with when moving to new tech.

Overall, I think MLB 14: The Show will be one of the top PS4 titles out, in not just sports, but in the overall library. Check out some gameplay video below from an IGN stream featuring Hunter Pence and Yasiel Puig. MLB 14: The Show for PS4 takes the diamond May 6, 2014.



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