“Next” Gen Is Boring

Yeah. I said it.

No one told me to buy the PS4 or the Xbox One (Xbone), but I did it anyway.

I bought the Xbone for Dead Rising 3,as the previous 3 were fun. MUCH fun. This one, not so much. So now I have a shiny new Xbox (which I’m still afraid to use as a passthrough for cable, thank you RROD related PTSD) and nothing to really play on it. Jerz always tells me that I shouldn’t be “that guy” when it comes to me not being happy with the games, but…

*looks around*

What am I supposed to play?

Let me rephrase the question…

What EXCLUSIVES am I supposed to be playing? I guess if a lot of the consumers ditched their previous gen systems (which they didn’t, because of the lack of backwards compatibility) then something like NBA 2K14 or Titanfall would be a really big deal. Titanfall is fun, but the “story” mode and the fact that it also is for 360 goes back to the point. Hell, there’s a new Borderlands coming out– PS3/360 only. IF you are still playing GTA V (which is a big IF for a lot of folks) it isn’t on this gen. Welp there goes that. The Xbone right now pretty much is used for Killer Instinct, which until yesterday didn’t even have an arcade mode or have online lobbies (thanks to that 6.1 Gig update though!!!) and the occasional (insert run and shoot game of your liking) requested by friends. Outside of that, I’m just waiting for Sunset Overdrive, which I haven’t seen an update for since E3, and Destiny, which will be on all the home consoles without a Nintendo logo on it.  That’s the end of 2014.

The PS4 has started off a lot better for me, even though all my fighting games and GT6 keep my PS3 powered up, Resogun and Mercenary Kings have been a very welcomed addition that have made me clock in hours of gameplay (sidenote: if you don’t have PS+ GET IT.) Nothing about Knack got me excited– but I bought the PS4 because more friends had it and the Xbone was just frustrating to deal with. Overall a good console so far (I’ve only played it for less than a month) and there’s an overall better community/multiplayer feel than the Xbox(but MS swears they’re working on it), however, no matter what these systems have done so far, gets negated by the fact that previous gen games are getting ALL of the games. I didn’t pay the money for the system to play the same games at a higher framerate, I paid to play different games. But that’s just me. *shrug*

This gen feels weird maybe because this is the first one as an adult who is fortunate enough to buy all the systems and games, because 20 year old Woods didn’t have PS3 money– and I just want to walk in a store and just yell SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY. I haven’t found that yet.

OF COURSE As soon as I finish this post–Titanfall finally has private matches, Killer Instinct releases Fulgore and online lobbies, and Kinect Sports Rivals came out. Maybe I will turn on the Xbox and see what’s new.

If you’re a current gen user– how much longer are you going to wait before you start to grow impatient with the selection of exclusive games? Am I just making this up and just fussing because I can?


5 thoughts on ““Next” Gen Is Boring

  1. Have to say I agree so far. Nothing has come out yet that has made me say now its time to upgrade. Perhaps towards the end of the year there will be but so far I am not feeling it.

  2. I love my ps4. My Xbox 1 is basically an overpriced roku right now. War Thunder, BF4, 2k14 held me down. Titanfall was cool for a month. The battlefield hard-line beta was addictive. I’ve enjoyed this gen on one side. To me the faster frame rate and higher resolution is welcomed. Especially playing FPS. Microsoft hasn’t done anything to impress me yet tho.

  3. next gen gaming sucks ass, sorry but its true… ive owned a xbox one and playstation 4 and the games are boring as hell. the only difference between a xbox 360- ps3 and xbox one – ps4 is graphic nothing else. i recently bought a xbox 360 and destiny and forza horizon and having a blast

  4. Get yourself a Wii U. Not expensive. Awesome exclusives. Games don’t need patches because of Nintendo’s high quality standards. No fees for playing online. Very few violent games. Fun.

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