Why Xbox One’s (Potentially) Cheaper Digital Prices Work For Me

About a month ago, Microsoft revealed it would be testing cheaper prices for digital versions of their games. I love this idea. It gives gamers the option to continue to choose physical copies for those that prefer it. Personally, I’ve started to buy more of my games digitally because even though I trade games in from time to time, I find myself wanting to play that game 3 months down the road yet not willing to buy it again. I still have a few physical games, but being able to just delete and re-download when I want to play has been pretty convenient. I also feel like this might have been something Microsoft wanted to do from the beginning, but because they did such a terrible job of presenting the Xbox One at their initial reveal, they had to hold off. At any rate, they’re looking into it now and someone’s gotta make the attempt to see if it works, right?

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