Titanfall Review: “Lots of action, and not much else.”

To start, I’d like to say there may be things I have covered previously that aren’t in this review. For that, I’d recommend you checking out my beta impression before reading this. Ok, lets begin.

It’s finally here. The first and arguably biggest major release of 2014 has arrived with Titanfall. Fresh off the hype from E3 2013 and an open beta in February, the expectations are at an all time high.

Lets get this out of the way: the campaign is almost non existent. If you are looking for a blockbuster story similar to the CODs and Battlefields, you will be disappointed. You’re left with a multiplayer campaign which is nothing more than the maps played in a certain order and certain gametypes. The game will try really hard to make you care about why your team is against the other team via pop ups and dialogue during gameplay, and dialogue while waiting for the match to begin. The biggest problem here is that there is just so much going on during the game, the story gets lost amidst the chaos. Having dialogue play as you wait for your match to begin is ok at first, but it quickly gets old. Each wait between matches is 80 seconds PLUS the loading of the maps, so you might get tired of them talking about stuff you don’t care about. The only true incentive to finish the campaign is when you complete it twice (once on each side) you unlock new body types for your titan. After that you’ll probably never mess with the story mode again.


Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get to the rest of the game. Plain and simple, Titanfall is fun. You will have plenty of “did you see that?” moments and you will say “Xbox, record that” very often. 15 maps and 5 game modes give plenty of variety and replayability. Leveling up, weapons and perks will be familiar to the COD crowd. As you progress you’ll unlock new weapons, attachments, etc. 10 weapons and 10 sidearms doesn’t sound like much, but they work well. The level cap is 50, but instead of prestige mode you have generations. Same concept goes for the titans. One nice addition is the burn cards. You earn these as you level up, and you can use them as extra power ups for the duration of the match. They include anything from faster reloads, to unlimited grenades, to hot wiring enemy bots. Customization is minimal. Weapons aside, you can’t customize the look of your pilot besides gender, and you can’t customize the look of your titan.

The online runs smoothly for the most part, though I did run into some lagging during peak hours. They localized the online servers to try to keep these problems to a minimum. So if you live in the Midwest like me, you will connect to other players in the same region. You can always change the servers if you live in, let’s say Minnesota, and you can switch up and play in a European server. Unfortunately there are no private servers yet. So you can invite people to your team, but there is a chance they may miss their spot unless you start telling people to leave. Clans will have a hard time connecting unless they start a lobby and just wait.

So is it worth your $60? Well, yeah actually. What the game lacks in extras and a campaign, it makes up for in pure fun. All 15 maps are great, and with the season pass out there are definitely more maps on the way. The titans are a blast to play, the parkour is fluid, and the action is nonstop. This is a must own if you have an Xbox One. The Xbox 360? Well….word is coming out that Titanfall for the 360 will be playing at 30 FPS, half of what it runs on the One. Basically that means it will not run as quick or as smooth. If you have a 360 I suggest you get Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare. I’m dead serious. Lots of fun, funny as hell and $30 for you 360 owners.


The best way to describe Titanfall is that its similar to the Transformers movies. You didn’t come for the story, you came for the action, the explosions and most of all the mechs. Its a fun game to play and a fun game to watch, just don’t think too much into it.

Titanfall is already a success with the units it has sold to date and how many Xbox One consoles it helped sell. I have no doubt a sequel is in the works. Titanfall may not be on the level of COD or Battlefield, but it leaves the impression that a new challenger has arrived. In a few years, it just might hold the crown.

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