Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes Code Giveaway!!!!

So, the other day, I was lounging on Twitter and a Sony rep hit me up. He told me he was willing to hook me up with a PSN code that would enable me to download MGS: Ground Zeroes for free. I asked him if he had any extra ones to spare for my homie, and he one upped that request by providing me MULTIPLE codes for the PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 AND PS3. Rather than hoard these codes and sell em off, I decided it’d be better to give them away in a contest for the site.


Courtesy of OurcadeGames!

In order to enter the contest for the giveaway, you only have to do four things.

1. Follow us on Twitter at @OurcadeGames

2. Become an email subscriber on the blog.

3. Hit the comment box with your twitter name and system you want the code for, then tell us your favorite memory in the Metal Gear Solid franchise.

(Don’t try to skip out on us on either 1 or 2. Trust me, we have nothing else better to do than check. And we’re going to check).

This contest isn’t going to be given to the person with the most comments or whoever tweets us the most. As a matter of fact, I’m not even looking at anybody who tweets us about the codes as a contestant. Also, you have to follow us on both on Twitter and on the blog. Why? Because we only want to rock with those who rock with us. If this is your first time seeing us or your first time supporting us, no worries. We like y’all too. We just wanted to give back to the people who been supporting the movement. When you leave your comment, again, throw your Twitter name somewhere in the post so we can know who to hit up if you’re picked as a winner.

Contest is open until 8am on Friday. No comments after that time period will be considered. Winners will be announced on the Twitter feed around 12pm that day.

Let the games begin!

46 thoughts on “Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes Code Giveaway!!!!

  1. My twitter name is @Jay_Manji
    Preferred system: PS4

    My fave Metal Gear Solid memory would have to be the Psycho Mantis Boss Fight just because the guy would read your memory card and anticipate your moves.
    The Final Showdown between Big Boss and Solid snake in Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater. The music and the connection between the two were epic.

  2. @Sean_Bishop


    Favorite moment playing MGS was on 4 when you first get a look at the facility at Shadow Moses and “The Best Is Yet To Come” starts jamming… taken right back to Metal Gear Solid.

  3. XB360 (Don’t judge)

    Two memories!

    Awesome sniper fight against Meryl; having to use meds to calm my frozen, nervous hands

    And the second would be it taking me almost a full day to find and kill The End in “Snake Eater”

  4. @Symfonikz, PS4 here.

    Fave memory: Figuring out the “controller switch” in MGS. Close second was getting non-lethal “kills” on all the bosses in MGS4. Sweet, sweet face camo.

  5. @DOAdot ps4. Gotta be the motorcycle chase in MGS4, one of the greatest ps3 games ever and from a visual standpoint the pinnacle of the systems capabilities

  6. Twitter: @NarkyTheMaskot


    Favorite moment is the battle with The End on MGS3 and entering the Konami Code on the map screen to reveal his whereabouts but that’s if you didn’t find the thermal googles yet. Easter Eggs or not, it was a great sniping battle.

  7. My twitter name is @greenbaid0
    Preferred system: PS4

    My favorite Metal Gear memory would have to be on the NES when Big Boss calls and orders the player to abort the mission and turn off the game console. LMFAO

    that was so epic, im still shaking my head

  8. Twitter: @HKTrey0
    Favorite moment: fighting psycho mantis. Arguably one of the most ridiculous boss battles I’ve ever encountered.switching controller ports,codes on the cd case..good times.

  9. @Ultra55_
    I’d have to say my fav moment in MGS is fighting The End in Snake Eater. Realizing the glint was his scope after dying many times was a sweet feeing of hope that I needed.

  10. MGS4 Rex vs. Ray for actual game moment, but life moment in relation to the game, when the first one dropped, playing it at my homie’s crib during the winter in his room that had NO insulation. we were under blankets blowing vapor out our mouths just like Snake lmao

  11. @buggsdunni


    never really played but i remember it coming out on the ps2 and i watched my boy playing it. the graphics blew my mind. only time i ever enjoyed watching somebody else play a game

  12. PS4 Code


    My favorite MGS moments would have to be Snake vs Liquid vs Foxdie. And Fighting sniper wolf trying to save meryl at the same time.

    And when you die hearing “Snake?…..Snake!?…..Snake!!!!!” Lol

  13. @carolina_sco one of my favorite Metal Gear experiences were from 1988 my Fam and I spent countless hours playing our nes trying to beat the game. Good times!!!

  14. System: 360
    Twitter: @xCaramel_Jonesx
    Fav Moment: When you finally find out it was “Zero” who set up the proxies, lost control, and that’s how the AI took over.

  15. Twitter: @King_David_951

    Platform: PS3

    Favorite Moment: Trying to play the game straight through on the original PS, because I didn’t have a memory card lol

  16. System: PS4
    Twitter: leighvl

    Favorite Moment was the Laughing Octopus boss fight in the last MGS. Creeped me the hell out but entertaining as all hell.

  17. Xbox 360
    Twitter: Psidestep1919

    Favorite Metal Gear moment is fighting Psycho Mantis for the first time and figuring out the hard way you needed to switch controller ports.

  18. @terrill

    Xbox 360 code

    Favorite moment was fighting Psycho Mantis for the first time and the elements they added with controller vibration/memory card reading gave it a very cerebral feel for me, which I loved.

  19. og_mikeyt


    faviorte moment would be the intro to the first game on ps as a young’n i was amazed i never seen a video game look like a movie /and fighting psycho mantis

  20. Ps4 code

    @theofficialpt on twitter

    Best memory of MGS is the antics from the first game on ps1, loved the story line and that’s what drew me into it!

  21. PS3 code
    First time playing it, having to sneak around in the snow, knocking on the side of the walls for distraction & realizing they could see my footprints. Epic

  22. Xbox One

    The build up towards Metal Gear REX battle was truly excellent. It was shown piece by piece during cut scenes. it was made to look like something frightening. You couldn’t wait to face it.

  23. @sung108
    PS3 Code

    Favorite moment was learning how to play the game on extreme. You see the game completely different. MGS2

  24. Preferred system….xbox 360
    Twitter handle : @bajetownreppa
    Favorite moments….sniper kills and the cutscenes(I am odd that way)

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