Insert Coin: The Better Multiplayer Experience?

So as I’m sitting online playing Call of Duty: Brotastic Edition (Or Ghosts, whatever) the whole room of people are yelling at each other like some savages. I thought it would be better with Battlefield, but I don’t know where I got the notion that it was gonna be any better. N word this, F this, you’re a (insert insult of your liking here). What the hell is wrong with people that programmers see fit to include a reward for teabagging a player during a match (See: Field Orders: Humiliation) and that kinda serves as fan service? I guess. I’m just trying to play a game where everyone isn’t going all LEEEEEEROYYYYYYYYYYY JENNNNNNNNNKINSSSSSSSSSS on me.

Now correct me if I’m wrong, and being born in 86 might have skewed my perception on this, but I can’t remember being in the arcade acting like this. Being in front of the person I’d be insulting kept me humble. I mean, there were times where I’d pop off at the mouth during a match, but those were match specific insults. After the match we’d talk strategy and technique because it was understood that there was no disrespect intended. Sure, Marvel vs Capcom let you whoop your opponent after you beat him, but that was 4 seconds of beat down, not a whole match of randomly spewed insults. This stuff is malicious, immature, and its starting to show in how games are being developed. Who cares about a team based multiplayer when your clientele has already proven that they won’t work together anyway? I mean, I know people are going to be selfish, because I guess it would be cool to score 80 points in a team up game of NBA2K14. But in all my years of playing local multi player NBA Jam, you just would be held accountable for your selfishness.

Unfortunately I’m that gaming cynic. The Xbone comes with a headset, and I’m pretty sure that the PS4 comes with one as well (correct me if I’m wrong) and more often than not, folks either don’t use them, or don’t use them for anything beneficial. One day when Rockst—*Rant about heists was deleted* How many lobbies of games have you been in where you’re just over playing with them? Does the grouping of people you’re playing with directly affect your gaming experience, or do you go in the lobby and hit mute all?

Get off my lawn.

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