Woods: Gaming Resume

This is our newest writer Woods. He’s also become something of a thorn in my side. He hates everything I like, lol. Anyway, we look forward to adding his talents to the team. Here is his gaming resume. Boooooooo to him hating RPG’s. Besides that, he’s cool. Shout out to his DDR skills though. Mighty impressive!

Name: Woods

Age: 27

Experience: Long enough to develop PTSD over TMNT’s underwater stage

Intro To Gaming: Mario/Duck Hunt/ World Class Track Meet

Systems Currently Owned: PS3, 360, Xbox One, Wii, PSP, Dreamcast, Nintendo 64

Strongest Genre: Fighting Games. As a person who has ADD (not joking, doctor said so) I really lack the patience to care about too many games in depth, thus why you’ll NEVER see me platinum any game. With that, I appreciate fighters (usually stick to Capcom, KI, and some SNK) because the theory hasn’t changed too much. I’m a turtle, taunt, and punish sort of player.

Weakest Genre: RPGs. *Woods has used an IDC elixir!* no thanks. I might just be the anti Jerz here, but I just cannot care about RPGs. Tomba! And Super Mario RPG weren’t half bad, I just… stopped caring.

All Time Fav System: Dreamcast. A fighting game fanatic’s dream.

Current Fav System: PS3. No way I’d vote anything else at this point

Favorite Game: Marvel vs Capcom 2 (in all of its brokenness)

Code Check (Codes I know off top of my head).

  • A.B.A.C.A.B.B. -MK
  • ↑, ↑, ↓, ↓, ←, →, ←, →, B, A, start, select (the holy grail of codes)
  • ↓, R, ↑, L, Y, B -Street Fighter
  • 0,3,2, Left (faster turbo running) 5,1,4, Up (Infinite turbo) – NFL Blitz

Accomplishments (Gaming moments I am proud of.)

  • AAA’ing  a DDR Set of Afronova, Dynamite Rave, and End of the Century on heavy—I died on the heavy mode. I used to bet on DDR, yup I was that guy.
  • FINALLY BEATING THAT DAMN UNDERWATER LEVEL IN TMNT. (Albeit 15 years after the trauma.)
  • Geese Howard, get you some. I still struggle with SNK bosses on the hardest difficulty, but I can win more often. THIS is an accomplishment.

You know what? The more I think about it, I just play the games to play them, but boy I really had a vendetta towards that underwater level. That game… *mumbles*

Other Notes

  • 5 Games that I will ALWAYS suggest? Catherine, Tetris Attack, Burnout Paradise, Far Cry 3, Borderlands 2. Not that those are my favorite games, but I argue that those games would make even nongamers happy.
  • I am always in the search for a multiplayer game that doesn’t involve me throwing a grenade or teabagging a n00b. Any suggestions, PLEASE let me know, otherwise I’ll be sitting here playing Castle Crashers/Final Fight/ X-Men (6 player)  until I die.
  • Sports games… boy I wish 2K had a decent netcode. Then I wish people would stop playing ISO ball all the time. Every year Madden/2k comes out, I buy it, and then I get bored within a month. Now hockey games? THE BEST. That’s actually a sports game I don’t get tired of playing against the computer
  • There’s a special place in hell for SFXTEKKEN and Dead Island. Fight me over this.

To wrap it up, I’m sure I’m the gamer of the bunch who isn’t as immersed into a widespread bunch of games, but I’m in it enough to be a gamer. Very rarely will you see me playing RPGs, but then I’ll log in countless hours parrying, combo breaking, or doing barrel rolls. Hopefully I can step away from the Dreamcast long enough to post some worthwhile stuff here, thanks for reading.

All your base do in fact belong to me.


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