RealGoesRight: 5 Video Games That Disappointed Me

Whenever I buy games, I try do as much research as I can before I cop. I read previews, reviews from multiple sources, and if there’s a demo, I definitely try it out. Even with all of that at my disposal, every once in a while no amount of research is going to take place of the full game experience. Sometimes, a game is exactly what I want it to be in the beginning, but turns into something else later on down the line. Other times, all the research I read gave me one idea and whatever I read somehow doesn’t translate to what I played. With that said, here are five games that greatly disappointed me.

1. The Bouncer (PS2)


A convo on Twitter about this game gave me the idea for this post. I was enthralled with the graphics and the promise of a cinematic experience. All of the previews led me to believe Squaresoft was producing a 3D version of Streets of Rage with RPG elements. What I ended up getting was bland gameplay, a story I couldn’t care less about, and a woefully short experience. No fond memories of this at all.

2. Castlevania: Lords of the Shadow


From the general bulletpoints of this game, I should’ve had a ball. Graphics? Check. Familiar gameplay? Check. Brutal combos and fast moving action? Check. When I picked up the controller to play, however, I couldn’t get over the feeling I was playing a re-skinned version of God of War. Maybe that’s not a fair assessment, since I never made it past the first level, but first impressions are a bitch. The first time I saw a QTE I just turned the Xbox off and found something else to play.

3. Killzone 2

Killzone 2 screenshot

This one is weird. When I first played Killzone 2, I absolutely loved everything about it. What I loved most though, was how different it was from Call of Duty. It was slower paced, the characters felt hefty, and there was a strong emphasis on slow and methodical gameplay. Players complained about the aiming “dead zone” if you turned around too fast, but I liked that things weren’t flying around at 100 miles per hour. Then, Guerilla Games buckled under the pressure and took away that hefty feeling with a firmware update. I felt like the game had lost its soul. I tried to rock with it a couple times after the update, but I just ended up leaving it on the shelf to die.

4. Every Assassin’s Creed not named ACII (and maybe, IV.)


I’m on record saying that the Assassin’s Creed series is overrated. I highly anticipated the release of the first one. The repetitive gameplay and the technical issues on the PS3 turned me off. AC: Brotherhood and Revelations were clear cash in attempts by Ubisoft, as outside of a few new toys to purchase, they were both rehashes of part II. I was hoping that was going to change for AC III, but it bored me to death. AC IV is sitting on my shelf and truthfully, it’s probably the best one since part II, but I think I’m fatigued on the series as a whole. I just can’t bring myself to care anymore.

5. Madden 06

I saw this E3 trailer and I thought video game football was about to change forever. There was no way anybody could watch that trailer and NOT think EA was about to change video game football forever. Alas…we were fooled. Bamboozled. Led astray. Just…man…EA sold us a dream and millions of people bought it hook, line, and sinker.

Those are the five games that disappointed me the most in my gaming life. Hit the comment box and let me know what games have done the same to you. Also, if you didn’t know, we’ve been doing podcasts every Friday for about a month now. Be sure to check us out (we’re on iTunes and you can search for us on the Podcast HD App on Android), subscribe, and give us feedback.

Happy gaming!

6 thoughts on “RealGoesRight: 5 Video Games That Disappointed Me

  1. Hello SFXTEKKEN.

    I’d also like to nominate DR3, sorry. As a fan of the first 3 games, this one was just… NAH.

    Sonic the Hedgehog (the reboot) – nope.

    Dead Island DLC (errummm, Riptide)- I feel like I brought this one on myself, thinking that the glitchfest of the first one was gonna get any better.

    Any Suda51 that isn’t No More Heroes. Here’s looking at you Lollipop Chainsaw (i think that can be classified as a Suda51 game) and Killer is Dead.

  2. I’m actually glad they went back to the sense of heft for Shadow Fall (nowhere near KZ2’s feel but close enough)…. Trying to please COD fans gets you nowhere in my book.

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