March Madness: Titanfall vs Infamous vs Metal Gear

Next month will be very exciting for Xbox One and Playstation 4 owners for three reasons. I’m sure the title gave it away, but we’re headed for our first true console exclusive showdown. Add in a Metal Gear Solid release and it truly feels like this gen’s first major moment. Well, besides the launches of course. We have Titanfall on the 11th, Metal Gear on the 18th, and Infamous the very same week on the 21st (Friday release!) Let’s take a look at each title shall we? I’ll even throw in a sales prediction at the end for fun.


Microsoft is looking to replicate Gears of War’s magical run at the beginning of last gen with Titanfall, a game that literally rose from the ashes of the Call of Duty series. Respawn Entertainment was founded by two former members of Infinity Ward, best known for the Modern Warfare series. The world was waiting to see what would be the result of their departure from Activision, and the reveal of Titanfall left many believing it was absolutely the right move. Now that we are less than a month away from release, and the gaming world recently got to preview the game by way of a public beta, anticipation has reached fever pitch.

Respawn took a big gamble with its exclusion of a traditional story mode. Some applauded the move, others weren’t so thrilled. I’m sure players on both sides of the fence can agree it’s a bold move if nothing else. Respawn clearly had a vision here, and they chose to focus on executing it perfectly. If a story mode was making that vision murky, then I agree with leaving it out. That left gamers with a title mainly focused on online FPS competitive play. The shootouts are fast and fluid, and the addition of Titans will keep everyone on their toes. Player count maxes at 12 (6 vs 6) but bots can increase the team count. A lack of local multiplayer sucks, but I can understand with the nature of the game. These factors make Titanfall an important experiment of sorts. Its success could pave the way for other FPS devs who may have thought of eschewing traditional story modes to do so. Just something to think about.


Metal Gear Solid is one of the most loved franchises in existence. Its fans absolutely worship the series in an almost cult like fashion. The announcement of MGS V: Phantom Pain already had gamers in a frenzy. However, Kojima and company decided to release a prologue of sorts titled MGS V: Ground Zeroes. The announcement was initially met with positive feedback. Of course we would love more Metal Gear! But the pricing scheme has since miffed some gamers. Cries of CASH GRAB/GLORIFIED DEMO have filled the air, and those claims aren’t without a certain level of merit. One is justified to FEEL like that’s the case, even if it isn’t. Personally, I just hope this content isn’t in Phantom Pain.

Anyway, for those who don’t feel like they are being taken for a ride, here’s what we can probably expect. First of all, this is not the Metal Gear we are used to. I feel like that’s a big reason why the prologue even exists. Kojima probably felt like there would be some system shock with all the new changes, and decided to put this title out to help with the adjustment. The game revolves around the rescue of Paz and Chico, the children of MGS Peace Walker fame. Before you start to think you’ll carry this mission out in a manner you’re used to, you won’t. Big Boss has a few new tricks that some will love and others will hate. Big Boss can tag enemies similar to Splinter Cell: Conviction, and slo-mo excutions also join Big Boss’s arsenal. However, the biggest change is now we will have regenerating health. No longer will ration managing be essential to survival. I’m sure that will be met with mixed reviews. Kojima and company are trying something new to appeal to western gamers, and one can only hope he doesn’t end up stuck in no mans land.


The Infamous franchise received a warm welcome into the Sony family last gen. We watched Cole go from bike courier to badass, and struggle with his newfound powers and sense of responsibility. Whether you chose to go good or bad, it was an exciting ride complete with lots of cool powers, mayhem, and destruction. Sucker Punch looks to up the ante with Infamous: Second Son. This time around we are introduced to the conduit Delsin and his myriad assortment of powers. Sucker Punch decided to recreate Seattle this time around, and it looks amazing. Let’s talk a little about what we’ll be doing in the city.

Delsin’s power is simple, he can absorb other conduits powers. Basically, he is the male Rogue. One can only assume this will lead to a more varied collection of powers than Cole was blessed with. So far we have seen his smoke and neon powers, and I hope there are more where that came from. Gameplay is once again open world, and boy what a world it is. I feel like the motto for this game, to borrow from Daft Punk, should be “harder, better, faster, stronger.’ Sucker Punch seems to have taken everything that was great about previous installments, and ratcheted it up to 11. Good vs evil still plays a part, but I suspect the choices won’t hold anymore weight then before. Which wasn’t much. Let’s hope I’m wrong in that assumption.

Ok, so we have three titles that in my mind are worthy of your purchase. I’m sure that is not a universal opinion though. So the question I pose is…..which will sell the most? I’m asking for fun, not to slight any of the titles. That’s not what we’re about here. I guess to keep it simple, we’ll stick to first week sales only. And we won’t combine the Metal Gear XB1 and PS4 sales either. So who you got? Metal Gear has the most storied pedigree and the most dedicated fanbase. Titanfall has the hype train, and it’s a FPS which traditionally do numbers early. Infamous has the biggest machine behind it and seems to be the critical darling of the 3. 3 very different games, 10 day span. Does Titanfall have the advantage releasing first? Will the Friday release help Infamous? Will the cheaper price point aid Metal Gear? Who knows! That’s the fun. I’ll go on record and choose the order to be Infamous – Titanfall – Metal Gear as far as biggest first week sales. Wait, first 7 days I mean. Being that Infamous has a Friday release. Anyway, what do you think? Sound off. Hit the comments, Facebook, Twitter, send us a carrier pigeon, whatever. See you later!

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