Peagle’s Top 5 Difficult Gaming Moments

Everyone has those games or levels that push them to the point of throwing a controller through the wall or TV. Ask Jerz about his white Dualshock 3 he imported from Asia when you get a chance. I’m just gonna leave it at that and get into my Top 5 Most Difficult Gaming Moments.

Mega Man– A platformer that I SWEAR wasn’t meant to be a platformer. I can’t count how many times I jumped and either timed it wrong or just couldn’t get the movement right. Not to mention enemies getting in my way on the jump or the landing. This is one of the first console games I played as a kid due to family exposing me to it, and it was the very first to cause me frustration.

Devil May Cry– The original game is by far my favorite. It’s also by FAR the most frustrating of the games from beginning to end. This was the first game where I truly enjoyed the difficulty though. It was the perfect balance of fun gameplay and “so frustrating I hate this but I’m not gonna stop playing until I get it.” The boss fights were amazing and I’m 99% sure I fought each at least 4 times.

Dark Souls– Let me make this clear. I have never owned this game. I’ll explain why. I played this at a friend’s house and was so frustrated with this game that I almost broke HIS controller. It was at that moment I came down from my Hulk like rage and decided that I had no desire to spend money to do this to myself. What else should you expect from a game that has a “Prepare To Die” Edition?


Ok. Now the general consensus among people I know that know of Battletoads is that Turbo Tunnel is one of the most difficult levels ever. At least at the time we’ve played it. However, there is one level that in my opinion is so frustrating, so maddening, so much more likely to cause you to lure two cats over with food and toss the one you didn’t want 20 yards away, that it had to make this list. I’m fairly confident that anyone that has played this game will understand immediately. I’m also confident that some of you (maybe even the guys here) will call me crazy for this…..

The Lion King– Level: Just Can’t Wait To Be King….I have never…..AND THE ROCK MEANS NEVER…been so frustrated with a level. Roar at a monkey to change the direction it throws me? Cool. Swing on the rhino tail to get where I want? Ok…Ride on the ostrich? Done. Wait…i have to dodge things? Uhhhh ok? Arrow pointing up… JUMP aaaaand Simba swallowed a bird and died. Start over. Arrow pointing up…JUMP. Got it. Arrow pointing down…DUCK. Cool. Two arrows pointing up? WHAT??! JUMP..not high enough and I ate another bird…you know what? Forget it, I’m going to play Aladdin.

Got a game that put you in a fit of rage? Let us know in the comments and be sure to check out our February Buying Guide, pretty busy month. Take it easy everyone.

3 thoughts on “Peagle’s Top 5 Difficult Gaming Moments

  1. *super side-eye* for DMC being on this list. but… as noted on another blog…. I don’t remember anything from Battletoads at all. repressed memory or somn.

    another eyerolling platformer? Guacamelee.

    • Guacamelee isnt that bad unless you decide to get EVERYTHING. You can finish the game with average gamer skills but getting all the items will take some talent.

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