Games That Need HD Remakes: Streets of Rage

SOY SOY CHOP! What the hell is that? I’m sure that’s the common response to my opening. Well I’ll show you.


Hear what Blaze says when she does that forward flip attack? Yeah. As a kid I always thought she said soy soy chop. Until someone proves otherwise that’s what I’m running with.

Anyway, the streets need Streets back. I’m not settling for an HD remake though. Oh no my friends. I need more. While a re-imagining of any of the SoR games would be absolutely awesome, we deserve better. This beloved Sega franchise provided me and my buddies countless hours of fun as a young gamer, and I have no doubt a brand new entry could do the same for the adult versions of those snot nosed kids. Some might wonder how Streets of Rage could be updated for 2014. After all, the gaming landscape is much changed from the 90’s. Well, whenever I dream of this game (and I do often) this is what I see.

  • Multiple playable characters (I’m thinking about 6 to start with 2 hidden, so 8 total)
  • Branching paths (This will help replay value, and the paths you take could even change your ending)
  • Multiple endings (1 bad, 1 good for each character at the very minimum but I would like a couple if possible.)
  • Leveling trees (Customize your character to your play style)
  • Combo chains (Something like Devil May Cry is what Im thinking here where long combos get more points)
  • A TON of moves (I want to be unlocking moves for almost the entire game)
  • Tag team moves (The original games had a couple, expand on this greatly)

I could keep going, but I think you see my vision. In my mind, all I really want is more of what made the game great in the first place. Just take the formula and make it bigger and better. No need to over think this. No need to make it something it never was. Sometimes you just want to beat up some bad guys in style, you know? Some may feel there isn’t room for the 2D brawler in today’s market. I feel otherwise. With the rise of indie gaming thrusting the spotlight on digital games, it is the perfect time for games like SoR and Final Fight to come back. Sell it for 10-20 bucks and trust me, it will do well.

Anyway, I just wanted to share my vision. I’m sure some of you who are far more creative have better ideas for a new entry. I feel like someone out there was actually creating a Streets of Rage 4 until Sega shut it down. I may be imagining that. *goes to google* Yeah, I’m not crazy. Check these links out. Here is a link to a fan site that talks a little about SoR4 and where it began, and here is a link to a fan made demo created last year. Now look at those screenshots, watch the video of the demo, and tell me that this couldn’t be done with an actual budget and talented development team. This is a freaking no brainer. Do the right thing Sega. Put the rage back in the streets.

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