Ru: Gaming Resume

Hey there! My name is Ru and I’ll be the Xbox guy on here. If you have anything in particular you want me to review, you can find me @ElEpicoRu. I’d like to thank everyone at OurcadeGames for giving me this opportunity. (Ed.Note – Don’t blow it! Just kidding, happy you’re on the team.) With that said,here’s my gaming resume.

Name: Ruben, Ru, @ElEpicoRu (Twitter), TheEpicRu (Gamertag)

Age: 24

Experience: 20+ Years

Intro To Gaming: My uncle’s NES with Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt, gauntlet and a boxing game who’s name escapes me. I know it’s not Mike Tyson Punch Out though. Back in the day when a restaurant wouldn’t be the spot if it didn’t have an arcade cabinet. Asking my dad for a quarter so I could play the Simpsons arcade game while waiting for my order to be done. Playing my uncles in Street Fighter 2 while waiting for my sister to be born at a nearby Pizza Hut. Those memories stay with you forever.

Current Systems Owned: Xbox 360, Xbox One, SNES, Wii U, 3DS

Strongest Genre: Adventure, Platforming, Beat em ups, Fighting. Yeah, you can tell I grew up in the 16 bit era.

Weakest Genre: RTS, Point And Clicks, Simulation Racers

Favorite System: Super Nintendo

Favorite Game: Super Mario World. In my opinion, this is what I call a perfect game.

Gaming Accomplishments:

  • Catching all 151 Pokemon in Pokemon Blue
  • Beating Super Mario World %100
  • Finally getting a console at launch (Xbox One)

I’ll do the best job that I can here. If you have any suggestions or comments, you can find me on my twitter page (@ElEpicoRu) or ask for mo on the blog Twitter page @OurcadeGames. See you around!

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