Dead Rising 3…..Third Time The Charm?

What’s up readers! My name is Ruben (@ElEpicoRu) and I have 2 things to tell you. The first is that I’m the newest member of the Ourcade Games team. (Cue applause and screaming.) The second is I love zombie games. Are you tired of zombie games? Cool, me neither.

Dead Rising 3 is here to do for the Xbox One what the first installment did for the 360. What’s that you ask? Show the power of the console by cramming in as many zombies on screen as possible.
Thats a lot of zombies.
If you’ve played the previous Dead Rising games you know what to expect. Crazy game, crazy story. This time around you play as Nick Ramos, a mechanic living in the now desolate city of Los Perdidos, California. The city has faced a zombie outbreak and now you have 3 days to escape the city before it’s nuked. You meet up with a few friends and find a broken airplane. The mission? Find the parts to fix it before it’s too late. I won’t spoil anything for you, because the story is worth experiencing.
The gameplay is pretty similar to the previous games. The health bar is still intact, and you can level up to learn new abilities and gain more inventory space. The biggest and most welcome change is you can choose to play the game in what is called “completion mode.” One of the biggest gripes with the previous entries is that it made you replay the game over and over and over and over (ok, you get it) again. The time constraints are now gone and it is possible to beat the game in one shot. If you miss the urgency of the first 2 games, it is still optional in “nightmare mode.”
The city of Los Perdidos is huge.
You can pick and combine vehicles to help you get around the enormous city. The vehicle combos are nice, but after awhile you just want a car that won’t blow up right away. Crafting weapons makes a welcome return, and this time you can combine weapons on the spot. No more frantically searching for benches under duress. All you need now is a safe spot and roughly 5 seconds to build your weapon. Throughout the city there are blueprints laying around that show you how to build an assortment of ridiculous weapons. As you collect more blueprints, you will notice that the game has left you plenty of combinations laying around in case you’re in need. It may not make sense at the time, but if you’re in a bind and you see a traffic light, a propane tank, and a car battery, take them. The weapons are easily the stars here. 103 total weapon blueprints are in the game, ranging from neat to WTFISTHISBINGOYAHTZEE. Your arsenal can easily go from a death scythe, to a lightsaber, to a teddy bear turret that shoots rockets.
The ultimate grim reaper (right) is my personal favorite.
Psychopaths are back. Yay. Each one is their own unique experience. I’m not going to spoil them either because they have to be seen to be believed (at least a few of them).
If you have the Xbox One Smartglass app, you will occasionally receive phone calls from a character named Jamie. Jamie will help you out in side missions and give you perks. Smartglass is used in a very smart way here, and it makes me even more excited for Watch Dogs coming out later in the year.
I only have a few complaints for this game. There are times when you will need platforming, but the controls are clearly not meant for this sort of thing. Sometimes you’ll see a pile of items together, and if your character is not in the right position you will easily grab the wrong item. Apparently this is being fixed with the update that just came out (13 GBs?! holy sh!t). I’ll report back later about that. Co-op in this game is literally tacked on. You’ll meet a character named Dick whose sole purpose is be player 2 (haha, Nick and Dick). The story mode in the game tries to be serious, but you can find different outfits to wear while free roaming that you wear during cutscenes. It’s impossible to take a cutscene serious when your character is wearing a schoolgirl outfit and your weapon is a leaf-blower that shoots dildos. These are honestly just small complaints and they didn’t ruin the game experience at all.
Really? Really.
Overall, I feel this game is awesome and worth the $60. The first of 4 DLC installments was released recently, and I will be checking it out. Dead Rising 3 is easily the best Xbox One exclusive at launch (to meeeeeee) and one of the best from the next gen lineup.

One thought on “Dead Rising 3…..Third Time The Charm?

  1. Dead Rising was the only game (KI, if that counts as a purchase) that i was going to buy day one for Xbone. It’s been collecting dust since i got it. It’s probably more of a personal nuance thing, but it’s TOO much going on (not a horrible thing i guess) , and being compounded with it not being in the brighter Palisades mall (hell even the outdoors areas seemed brighter in the first 3) I just can’t take it. I was really excited about it, but i’m overly indifferent about it now. I’m sure i’ll revisit it years from now but as of now, i’d rather play #2.

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