I Have A Dream…..

So I was sitting around in between football games yesterday, and I started thinking of what I would write. My original idea was to write a post centered around black video game characters in honor of MLK day. But it was quickly decided that was lame. So a conversation started up when I wondered aloud “is it possible to make a big budget video game centered around Black American history?” After a little bit of thinking, the group decided this was only really possible using Assassins Creed. But a bigger question arose. Would we as gamers ACCEPT this version of Assassins Creed?

I mean, the blueprint is there. They already have built a world in which you can end up in any time period and not destroy continuity. They have demonstrated no fear in assassinating famous historic figures (Pope Alexander VI.) They have demonstrated the ability to include other historic figures in the games (Leonardo Da Vinci, George Washington.) They have NO QUALMS with rewriting or reshaping history as they see fit. So why not tackle that time period in American history? Could be interesting…..

Except…..well…..what if they decided to have you assassinate one of America’s historical black figures? MLK? Malcolm X? How would they respectfully tackle the issues that plagued that time period? Would dancing around those issues be equally offensive? Should the main assassin be black? Or not? Would rewriting Black American history for video game purposes be accepted by black gamers? Or any gamers? Imagine the backlash if said assassin had to assist Harriet Tubman with the Underground Railroad escapes. Or walking through the crowd at the I Have A Dream speech pickpocketing people while looking for a target. I can see the backlash now. It isn’t attractive at all.

Even with these thoughts in my mind, I can’t help but wonder what that game would be like. I wish it were possible, because I feel like it could be AWESOME if carefully created. I also feel like it could potentially raise awareness about my people’s history. On the flipside, it could skew history in a potentially damaging way if people play it that aren’t aware of what really happened in the past. I would never want to make light of serious situations, or romanticize them in any offensive way. I’m just kicking thoughts around on MLK day. Add yours! Am I crazy? Does this even sound remotely interesting? Is there a better way to make this game a reality besides using Assassins Creed? Sound off. Enjoy your day off if you have one! If not, I’m sorry. See ya!

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