[The Smoking Section] 15 Most Anticipated Games for 2014

At the turn of every year, gamers hotly debate shiny new releases given to them from the tech gods. 2014 marks the transitional period between one generation of consoles to another: a place where some of the best games, as well as franchises, pop up. This explains why on a list of 15 games, seven are brand new franchises on current generation hardware, while the other eight are either highly anticipated sequels or returns of classics from yesteryear.

The focus lies mostly on the newest generation of consoles (but not you, Wii U), but there’s definitely some heat still dropping for the previous generation as well. If you haven’t put any of these games on your radar, well now you know what to focus on. And if you know of some other heat dropping this year, hit up the comments section and share it with everyone.


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