Is the Vita “Failing” Because Sony Won’t Let Go of Last Generation?

I’ve constantly wondered about the question in the title of this post. Whenever Sony releases a new system, they do a great job of supporting the older version of the system well into the life cycle of it’s newer system. When I look at the struggles going on with the current software lineup of the Playstation Vita, then take a glance at the PS4, PS3, and PSP (yes, they’re still making games for the PSP in Japan) I often wonder if Sony is cannibalizing the Vita by not cutting the previous generation loose.

Right before the PS4 was about to be released, Sony boasted that every single one of their studios had something in the pipeline for the PS4. I don’t remember the same proclamations being made when the Vita was released. Granted, the Vita released with 22 games on its list, so I’m not speaking as if it wasn’t supported at launch. I’m saying that there’s a noticeable lack of support given by Sony to the Vita. I fear that lack of support is having a negative impact on 3rd party publishers to get in and support the system the way Sony and others are they’re doing with the PS4.

Think about it. As of right now, Sony has their studios making games for the PS4 and the Vita (supposedly). Google search the release dates for PS3 and you’ll see there’s still plenty of release dates available for the PS3 in the upcoming year. Not to mention, Beyond: Two Souls and the ever popular Gran Turismo series just had a PS3 release in December (two weeks AFTER the release of the PS4 in North America). Occasional PSP releases also manage to hit PSN, two years after the release of the Vita. While Sony is clearly focused on allocating its resources on their current gen systems, I wonder if even allocating small resources to their teams could possibly be doing a disservice to the Vita, specifically.

In conclusion, Sony has too many irons in the fire and it may be negatively impacting the Vita. The PS4 is going to be the frontrunner for support, that much we do know. I think there’s a chance that the Vita is suffering from the lack of attention because of Sony taking too long to cut the strings. Hopefully, I’m wrong and it just turns out Sony was waiting for the PS4 to release so they could foster an ecosystem for the Vita and the PS4. Here’s to wishful thinking.


One thought on “Is the Vita “Failing” Because Sony Won’t Let Go of Last Generation?

  1. You are right on this. I think Sony isn’t supporting the vita like they should be but yet they expect it to sale. We need newer games with better experiences. I mean compare it to the psp which did better by leaps and bounds. Here is this newer technology that no one wants to take advantage of. If they make games the system will sell. If 3rd party companies make games the system will sell and they will see the benefit of it. But they all have to make an effort. Thats just my thoughts on the issue.

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