Fun With Numbers (Jan.13, 2014)

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Just playing. I’m here to talk about the early returns on the XB1 and PS4. In this post I’ll talk briefly about hardware sales, but the majority of the post will be devoted to software sales. There WILL be some analysis on my part, but it’s all based on what I think and feel. So while I encourage you all to also share your thoughts on the subject, remember that fact as you do. I’m not passing anything off as fact here. Not even the numbers really. All sales numbers are courtesy of so if you disagree with the tallies, I am not to blame. The numbers aren’t really important, as they are educated estimations of course. But the trends they may represent are indeed important. After all, sales decide what games we get right? Right. So let’s start with the hardware.

Worldwide Sales as of January 4th, 2014

Wii U – 5.3 million

PS4 – 4.4 million

XB1 – 3.1 million

I know we usually don’t talk about the Wii U around these parts. But this is a post about trends, and these numbers suggest a scary one for Nintendo. The Wii U was released a full year ahead of it’s competition. In spite of that fact, the numbers show that it hasn’t done much to fend off Sony and Microsoft. Many pundits believed the new Mario release would jumpstart sales for the Wii U, but it still lagged behind it’s newer counterparts. It seems Nintendo made the same mistake Sony made last generation. They assumed their fanbase would automatically roll over, and so far it just hasn’t happened.

As for the Sony vs Microsoft battle, here are a few tidbits. Sony has a lead of roughly 1.3 million units. Some will say it had a 1 week headstart. This is true and not true. Lest we forget, the PS4 launched outside of North America on the 29th. So 1 week early here, 1 week late everywhere else. That about evens things up. Another thing to note is that the Japan launch of the PS4 is next month. So that sizable gap could be even bigger by the time we reach the release of a certain superhero game in March. Let’s not count Microsoft out tho. Titanfall is shaping up to be huge, and while it FEELS like Destiny is Sony’s answer, it is also on the XB1. You’d be surprised how many people dont know that. Anyway, here is the more important early takeaway.

USA Sales as of January 4, 2014

PS4 – 2.11 million

XB1 – 1.94 million

THIS is what matters. Anyone who paid attention knows that America was decidedly pro Microsoft last gen. I mean, there were 42 million 360’s sold here. In comparison, there were only 25 million PS3’s sold. That’s an almost 2 to 1 advantage. Yet here we are with Sony pretty much in a virtual tie considering the extra week. If Sony can somehow keep pace with Microsoft in America, or even outsell Microsoft here, this race is pretty much over. Japan is a no contest, and the rest of the world is traditionally pro-Sony. No early numbers suggest that has changed, so America will surely be the major factor in how things shake out. Just something to watch.

Ok. Let’s get to the software. I’m less interested in competition here, but I will post a top 10 combined list for those who care. I’m more interested in how certain genres are selling early and other trends. For this reason, I’ll just look at each system seperately besides the overall Top 10 list. Let’s start with that.

Top 10 Software as of January 4th, 2014 (Combined PS4/XB1)

Call of Duty Ghosts (PS4)- 1.65 million

Battlefield 4 (PS4) – 1.31 million

Call of Duty Ghosts (XB1) – 1.28 million

FIFA Soccer 14 (PS4) – 1.27 million

Killzone: Shadow Fall (PS4) – 1.25 million

Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag (PS4) – 1.22 million

Battlefield 4 (XB1) – 0.93 million

Forza Motorsport 5 (XB1) – 0.92 million

FIFA Soccer 14 (XB1) – 0.66 million

Dead Rising 3 (XB1)/Ryse (XB1)/Need For Speed Rivals (PS4) – 0.64 million

Quick points before we separate the two.

  • Only 4 exclusives made the list. 2 made it by way of 10th place tie. Third party games rule for now.
  • Battlefield has only sold 690k less than COD. If you add in Killzone, less people opted for COD than the alternatives. Huge.
  • No Madden or 2K. Hmmm. 2K on PS4 came really close though.
  • Sports. Driving. Killing. That’s your Top 10. We have to buy different to get different. Remember that down the road. Didn’t have much choice at launch but the variety WILL COME.

Ok, let’s split things up and take another look. I’ll examine each console’s Top 10 and see if things look different than the trends from last gen. Let’s start with the XB1.

XB1 Global Top Ten Software as of January 4th, 2014 

Call of Duty Ghosts – 1.28 million

Battlefield 4 – 0.93 million

Forza Motorsport 5 – 0.92 million

FIFA Soccer 14 – 0.66 million

Dead Rising 3/Ryse – 0.64 million

Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag – 0.55 million

Madden NFL 25 – 0.34 million

NBA 2K14 – 0.33 million

Need For Speed: Rivals – 0.25 million

I can look at this top 10 and tell you one thing. America still dictates what’s successful on XBox. I know this because Madden is above NBA2K. Call of Duty is STILL king, although it’s much closer than past trends would indicate it should be. 3 exclusives in the Top 5 is pretty good, so obviously those games helped steer owners in that direction. I expected better numbers for Ryse with the hype machine behind it, but only about 1 in 5 owners bought it. I was thinking closer to 1 in 3, so I guess 1 million sales by now was what I envisioned. On the flipside, Dead Rising is outperforming what I expected. So kudos there. I am a little shocked only 1 game has managed to surpass 1 million units sold. I guess that supports the theory that some people are using it as a multimedia device, similar to the early days of the PS3 as blu-ray player phenomenon. I don’t think that’s really the case, but if someone else does these numbers would support that somewhat. I always felt like Assassin’s Creed was a PS3 sort of game, and it’s underwhelming sales here support that. The Sony exclusive DLC might have urged dual system owners to their side as well, so I guess that practice is still useful. Forza dominated NFS as most expected, so no surprise there. I am shocked it’s kept pace with Battlefield, although server issues with the latter may have contributed to that a little bit. All in all, the chart mostly looks like I expected it to before launch. Let’s jump over to the Sony side.

PS4 Global Top Ten Software as of January 4th, 2014 

Call of Duty Ghosts – 1.65 million

Battlefield 4 – 1.31 million

FIFA Soccer 14 – 1.27 million

Killzone: Shadow Fall – 1.25 million

Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag – 1.22 million

Need For Speed Rivals – 0.64 million

NBA2k14 – 0.58 million

Madden NFL 25 – 0.52 million

Knack – 0.50 million

Lego Marvel Super Heroes – 0.36 million

AMERICA DON’T RUN NOTHING HERE SON! Giveaways? FIFA almost reaching #2 and 2K over Madden. Also, Killzone has almost outsold Battlefield. That’s all Europe. Again, COD reigns. But it’s once again a really close race compared to the past. One might think Sony exclusives are underperforming since only 2 made the list. Then you have to remember that 2 were free for Plus members (Contrast and Resogun) and 3 more were free-to-play (Blacklight, Warframe and DC Universe.) So there’s that. Everything sold about what I expected on this side, except for Knack. With it’s horrible reviews and kiddie game label, I expected it to perform very poorly. Almost outselling Madden and 2K is almost a minor miracle in my eyes. Again, that’s all Europe. 5 different million sellers bodes really well for the PS4. One might assume the roles have reversed from the last gen. Sony has the games machine, Microsoft has the everything machine. That isn’t entirely accurate on either end, but I could excuse one for believing it based on this early data. There are more genres represented in Sony’s Top 10, but that could have been different if Blacklight and Warframe weren’t free. So I can’t just assume Sony will have the more varied library going forward. Not based on these charts anyway. Wink wink.

Ok, I’m getting tired. So I’ll stop here. I’ll probably revisit the sales every few months to see how things are looking and break down if things moved in the direction they were trending. If there is anything you guys and gals would like in the next breakdown don’t hesitate to let us know. You know where to find us. Twitter (@Ourcadegames) or Facebook (Ourcade Games.)

OH! One more thing. We need a little help with a few things. We would like to start a YouTube page for gaming videos, and maybe some video blogs as well. We also need an official logo. A podcast is being talked about as well. If any of you out there can help with ANY of these things, as far as tips on getting them set up and running properly, we would really appreciate it. As far as the logo, if you want to create one just let us know. If we like yours, and you want compensation, we can discuss that too. I’m not afraid to admit we’re fairly new at all this, but we have a vision for Ourcade Games and if possible, we plan to see it through. Ok, I’m done talking. Backed up and cla…..Wait. Almost went into Jay-Z mode. Yeah, it’s time to go. See you next time!

2 thoughts on “Fun With Numbers (Jan.13, 2014)

  1. I think a little of the uptick in Sony’s number can be attributed to the fact that we got a lot of ship jumpers this gen. A lot of us doing the purchasing this go-round have a lot more to go on than just advertising.

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