Evolve – The Evolution of Shooters?

Very recently, the creators of Left 4 Dead announced their next gen project Evolve. Feburary’s Game Informer cover topic is a sci-fi multiplayer based shooter that is built around a 4-vs-1 mechanic. Wait, what? Yeah son, 4 against 1. There is a teaser site for it here but it’s admittedly bare right now. The game will be released for PC, PS4 and XB1. So…..let’s dive in a little. Here’s the information that has been revealed in the Game Informer thus far.

The game revolves around the Hunters and Goliath. The Hunters roam from planet to planet protecting the population (alliteration!) from various threats. The Goliath feeds on those same various entities to evolve, essentially leveling up and changing form. The final form is a 30 ft high fire breathing death machine. Get it? Good.

One of the game modes is the cleverly named Hunt mode. Hunters want to destroy Goliath, and vice versa. However, the Goliath also has another objective to accomplish. These will vary I assume. The Hunters can revive each other three times before a character dies, after which they must wait 2 minutes to respawn. Hunters can also kill and loot wildlife for health or damage bonuses, as well as equip perks. The perks haven’t been described in detail yet.

There are also character classes to choose from. The classes are Medic, Support, Assault, and Trapper. All hunters are equipped with a jetpack, and each class has its own set of unique characters. Some of the skills and abilities at your disposal will include a health gun, proximity mines, motion detection and a harpoon gun. Sounds like a blind date survival kit to me. I kid, I kid. Maybe.

So, how do I feel about this announcement? Honestly? I’m excited! Left 4 Dead is one of the three games I purchased a 360 for. I have complete faith in Turtle Rock to bring that high level of multiplayer mayhem to the next gen. The 4 vs 1 mechanic is a fresh take on the genre, and it should be interesting to see how people get used to it. Should the Hunters all immediately rush the Goliath? Do you try to power up first and give the Goliath time to do the same? Should the Goliath worry about the objective first? Or the Hunters? These are questions I have never had to deal with, and that excites me. I don’t want to say this has never been done before, because I’m not entirely sure. But I’m sure it hasn’t been done often. That’s what I want from games this gen, something either completely new or a fresh take on popular genres. Let us know how YOUUUUUU feel in the comments. You can also sound off on the twitter (Ourcadegames) or the Facebook (Ourcade Games) if you so choose. See ya later!

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