Doki Doki Universe: Teaching Me About Me.

Doki Doki Universe is a really interesting game. I’m not here to review it, or talk about whether it is worth your money. I’m here to talk about what it did for me. I don’t know if it was SUPPOSED to do this, but I suspect it was all along. See, I’m not even convinced this is truly a game meant to entertain. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fun little game and I feel I got my 15 bucks worth. But upon completion, I didn’t feel like I finished a game. I felt like I finished a cleverly disguised psych evaluation.

Let me explain the game before I get into my experience. The premise is that a robot (QT3) is deemed too inhumane to exist. The factory that created him decides that unless he can prove he understands humanity, his entire model line will be discontinued. In other words, good night forever. Your task is to visit different planets, and learn what you can about humans through interaction. This is achieved by pretty much fixing everyone else’s problems. It works ok as a game, even though it’s very simplistic. But as a teaching tool it’s pretty clever. You could teach a child a lot about how people work just by letting them play this game. This part of the game isn’t the focus of the post though. Oh no my friends. It’s the other aspect. The personality tests.

The game is designed in a way that makes you feel as if QT3 is just an extension of yourself. You answer questions and approach situations as you would in real life. So these personality tests are the game’s way of showing you exactly what kind of person you really are. I was skeptical when I started the game, but by the end I was truly amazed at just how much the game actually knew about my personality. The in game doctor will evaluate you after every 6 or so personality tests you take. Each time he will reveal something new he learned about you. His final assessment of me wasn’t perfect, but it was REALLY close. And the fact that the questions aren’t straightforward at all made it even more impressive. I mean, look at this question.


What the hell can you learn from questions like these? A lot about a person apparently. Disguising the questions like this takes away the player’s capability to lie in order to achieve a desired result. Maybe the personality tests job applications require should take notes.

I enjoyed my time with Doki Doki. It allowed me to relax and do a little soul searching in a fun and unique way. If this sounds like something you might enjoy as an adult, or if you have a child who might enjoy playing through, I recommend it. In a child’s case, it may give you some insight into how your kid’s brain works. What they like, how they feel, things like that. Anyway, I just wanted to share my experience. I’ll post pics of my final assessment for you guys to see on the twitter feed. @Ourcadegames is the handle for those who didn’t know. Ok everyone, see you next time!

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