Pure Fantasy

After another long break, we’re back at it. Recently, I’ve seen a resurgence in the clamoring for a HD remake of Final Fantasy 7. A reminder that if nothing else, nostalgia can be fun. However it is just that, nostalgia. A yearning for the experiences we’ve had in the past. There are two ways this can go, and I can hear the comments now:

Well it’s just the same game with a fresh coat of paint slapped on it.” Do you go for a graphical update with no real core changes to the game’s mechanics and risk being labeled as “lazy” or “looking for a quick buck”?

Or if there are changes: “IT’S NOT THE SAME GAME.” Just how much can really be done with the game to justify the remake? A change to the combat system to mirror that of the more recent games? Then you affect the flow the of the game and it differs from what it was. The developers would assuredly have to go back and change the majority of the game to fit the new mechanics.

I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the possibility that Square Enix knocks it out of the park. Sequels are one thing though, remakes are a completely different beast. We all know how notoriously fickle the gaming community is. Square Enix can’t win here and to be honest, I think they know that. That’s why all we’ve gotten is a spin off game and a CG movie. I truly believe that there are certain HD remakes that should happen. The caveat to that, though, is there should be something you can add to the game to truly enhance the experience. In a previous post, @RealGoesRight pointed out one such game. However, in this case, I think it’s best to just leave the past where it is and enjoy our nostalgia instead of trying to relive it.

2 thoughts on “Pure Fantasy

  1. This is the exact same opinion I always think when I see people wanting a HD remake….If they are nostalgic for the game then go back and play the original in all its glory.

    • Sometimes it’s entirely more feasible to play an HD remake versus an OG game. One, this isn’t Square (or anyone’s) first run at HD. Let’s face it, a large number, if not most of the original final fantasy 7 players don’t own the original system or game. so now you have to find the system, find the game, and pay for both… as opposed to just buying the remake. The word “remake” is a misnomer when it comes to games, because it’s doubtful any serious changes will be made aside from graphics. Square’s probably gonna shy away from changing the mechanics of this game, for one, that means along with the upgrade there will be extra development (highly unlikely) of a game already expected to do well.Secondly, Square usually isn’t in the business of really altering the mechanics of a game series they already have in place (see the introduction of CTB on FFX/X-2). Just expect some “bonus” content (ie, stuff left on the editing floor), aside from developmental changes.

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