Strive To Trophy…..Uh…..Achieve.

Achievements. Trophies. Digital badges of honor. Marks of a game defeated. No longer do we have to wonder if our friends finished the latest game. It’s alllllll in the profile now. I am a true blue trophy/achievement junkie. I am hopelessly addicted to collecting them. Until very recently, I had never encountered a fellow gamer with a higher trophy level than myself. Alas, the PS4 has introduced me to someone who is now my sworn enemy. I shall spend this generation in relentless pursuit, and I SHALL close the gap.

Anyway…..let’s talk. I personally feel like trophies and achievements are a double edged sword. On one hand, they can definitely extend a game’s shelf life. You’ll finish a game, and have a host of things left to accomplish. I can’t buy games as often as I once could, so being able to stretch a title’s shelf life is great. On the other hand, a game with a minimal amount of trophies or achievements may go unappreciated. Personally, I don’t play a game after I get all of the trophies or achievements. I suspect others share that philosophy.

One interesting thing about the PS4 trophy system is a very small change. The trophy info now includes how many people have earned each trophy on your list. Each trophy also has a rarity level based on the percentage. That small tweak is AWESOME for people who are really into collecting them. I like to compare it to the Pokemon card craze. We all wanted a holographic Charizard right? Well that trophy that only 0.1 percent of players have earned? That’s what you are going to want to earn. It would be really dope if Sony added a trophy breakdown by rarity to augment the breakdown by type. Here’s hoping.

Achievements and trophies are a simple way of identifying how much a gamer plays, and what their strengths and weaknesses may be. The social aspect can’t be denied. There are a few people who were impressed by my tally, and it has started quite a few conversations online. I’ve even exchanged tips with others on how to acquire some that eluded them. There are entire communities built around this aspect of gaming, and they are growing rapidly.

I hope to see the implementation of achievements and trophies grow. Sony already has an initiative in the works where you can trade gold trophies for real world items. I believe MS is working on something similar as well. I feel that the further integration of these accomplishments into the gaming experience can truly make this generation special. Gonna go now. More trophies to earn!

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