It’s been a while, but I’m finally back at it. I recently purchased Lego Marvel Superheroes for my Wii U while in Texas for Thanksgiving, and I was legitimately excited to play it when I got home. I say that because I’ve never been huge on the Lego games. I don’t think they’re bad at all, but to me I’d rather just watch the movie instead of playing a collection game built around the movie. To be honest, the Lego games are some of the best “movie” games ever. However, I must acknowledge that long history is spotty to say the least. This game piqued my interest because I’m a fan of superheroes, comic books, that entire world. The idea of an open world game that featured The Avengers was too much to pass up. How can you say no to flying around as Iron Man or Thor?

The game immediately sucked me in with its multiple references to The Avengers movie and that was just in the gameplay. One of the first characters you control is The Hulk. So I threw a few punches, pounded the ground, you know, standard Hulk stuff…and then something glorious happened.

The best scene in The Avengers played out with the press of a button. Hulk grabbed my enemy, 1 SLAM, 2 SLAMS, 3 SLAMS…pause to stare at henchman…4 SLAMS, 5 SLAMS and a beautiful explosion of Lego Blocks. This wasn’t just a boss battle, I did this at least 8 more times through the remainder of the level. I was surprised at just how much Traveller’s Tales inserted from The Avengers movie and the entire Marvel Movie Universe concerning animation. Iron Man begins his hover with a slight wobble just like in the movies, Thor’s hammer swings just before he takes flight are lifted right from the movies, even the sounds are pulled from them. Thor’s hammer makes a satisfying metal thud straight from the films. The attention to detail when it comes to capturing the Marvel Heroes and their moves is amazing. I found myself forgetting I was even playing a Lego game. As much as I enjoyed the game, I gotta say, it’s a shame we haven’t had a straight up, open world Marvel Superhero game. Traveller’s Tales gave us the building blocks, now someone else get on it.

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