Games That Need HD Remakes: NBA Street Vol. 2

Hate them or love them, HD remakes are here to stay. Whether it’s a cash grab, a way of reintroducing a classic to a new group of gamers, or simply a way to build momentum for a dormant series, HD remakes can benefit gamers and developers alike. For newer games, they get a chance to relive classics of the past. For developers, they get a chance to bring in some money by spit-shining an old product and generating some new revenue. There are plenty of games that I believe could stand for a graphical upgrade, so this week I wanted to talk about some of my favorites.

NBA Street 2.


At the beginning of last gen, we got NBA Street Homecourt. It was an excellent title that did a great job of progressing the series forward. Still, it didn’t have the same magic NBA Street 2 did. Whether it was opening up with the classic Pete Rock and C.L. “Troy,” the cel shaded style that made the graphics come to life, the soundtrack done entirely by Just Blaze, or the “three Jordans,” NBA Street 2 was an arcade basketball classic.


While they’d no doubt need a fresh coat of paint and a roster update, I don’t think it’d take a whole lot to update NBA Street 2. The game was already beautiful, the control system was perfect, and everything about the game was borderline perfection. I don’t know what happened to EA Sports Big, as I’m pretty sure they’re no longer in existence, but someone needs to get the right folks together to make this happen.


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