Buying Guide (December 2013)

What’s going on Ourcadians? No? Too cheesy? Ok. I’ll start over.

Sup! I’m back with December’s buying guide. Its usually a VERYYYYY light month for game releases, and this year is no different. With that said, I still have a responsibility. I’m here for the people. So let’s get you informed. I usually only list games I would spend my money on. I’ve decided to switch the format perenantly and just list games you should check out. If my description of a game (and accompanying video) piques your interest, do a little more self-researching before deciding to purchase. However, for those who have possibly grown to trust MY taste in games, I’ll note which games on the list I personally feel are worth a purchase. Ok, let’s go. Wait, one more thing. If you would rather this become a weekly affair, let us know. We could just list all releases for the week with our opinions so every game gets mentioned. If the monthly format is fine, that’s cool too. Just sound off on that topic. Got it? Got it.

Tiny Brains (PS4) – This 4 player co-op puzzler aims to blend old school buddies-on-the-couch multiplayer with a new school approach to puzzle design. There is also drop-in/drop-out online multiplayer as well. Control 4 lab animals with psychic powers to solve a myriad of clever puzzles. I like charming games like this, but they aren’t as fun without friends or family who’ll also play whenever you do. Think Little Big Planet without the creation tools. The price is 20 bucks, but there will be a discount for PS Plus members. Rumor mill says 2 bucks off. Either way, if I can find 3 of my friends (or 2 if my girl is interested) to play along I’ll be purchasing. Do your homework on this one. Hopefully there will be a demo.

Halo: Spartan Assault (XB1 and XB360) – This top-down shooter was released on Windows 8 platforms a few months back. Now it’s coming to consoles. I’ve never been a Halo fan, but I’ve always been a top-down shooter fan. So for you Halo fans, it’s probably a must buy. I would buy it if I had one of the XBox consoles. Pricing wasn’t available when I searched, but it was 6.99 on PC and mobile. So expect it to be between 10-20 bucks. Seems like a worthwhile investment if you’re either immersed in the Halo universe, or a fan of the criminally under-represented genre.

Gran Turismo 6 (PS3) – I mean, it’s Gran Turismo. You either hate it or treat it’s release as a holiday. Simulation racing personified just about sums it up. I’m not a huge sim racing fan personally, and I feel like Gran Turismo is only worth a purchase if you are. It’s not really at its best as an arcade racer even though there is a mode. It’s all about realism, and with that comes a steep learning curve for the uninitiated. With all that said, I’ll pass. I would suggest everyone else do the same unless you’re either a sim racing fan, or you just like collecting cars.

Doki-Doki Universe (PS4, PS3 and PS Vita) – This is a really unique game. I suspect most people will write it off based on name alone. Those who get past the name will watch the trailer and roll their eyes in disgust. For those who aren’t turned away by the name or trailer, you’ll probably fall in love with something like this. It’s one of those games that isn’t easily explained. I don’t know for sure if I’ll buy it, but I will definitely keep my eye on it and watch for reviews. Don’t be shocked if it rates very highly though. Critics LOVE games like this even though most gamers don’t. Do your due diligence on this one before purchase. Oh, it’s cross buy compatible. So buy it for one system and you get it for all 3!

Wii Fit U – Anyone who is familiar with the Wii Fit series knows it is far more difficult than you would think. But I can personally say if you use it regularly, it works. The game has some very clever ways to turn exercise into a game, and for some that makes a world of difference. If you own a Wii U and are interested in exercising at home, I would recommend you look into this as a very viable option. Especially if you have used a prior version on the Wii and enjoyed it.

I wanted to include Season 2 of The Walking Dead, but I couldn’t verify it’s release for December. However, if it does come out? BUY IT ON DAY ONE. Period. If you haven’t played the first season, go get that right now. Please. I’m begging you. Ok, that’s about it. Light work. It’s pretty much GT6 and a bunch of downloadable games. And Wii Fit. Not a very exciting month, but that’s expected hot on the heels of the XB1 and PS4. Let’s hope January is a little more exciting. See you guys and gals later!

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