Houston…..Wii Have A Problem.

It’s about 5 in the morning right now fellow gamers. But I love you all for supporting us, so I decided to drop a quick blog post to read on Turkey day. So let’s discuss something my gaming buddies and I were reflecting on a few days ago.

Now that the PS4 and XB1 are finally a reality, it’s only natural that some of us would begin to talk about the future of gaming. So we were talking about the respective launches and how impressive the sales numbers seemed to us. For some perspective, I asked someone to look up the Wii U sales to date. I just wanted to see how much ground Sony and Microsoft had to make up. What we found was very telling.

When my friends told me the Wii U has only sold roughly 3.9 million consoles to date, my first reaction was to laugh out loud. I’m horrible for that, but I owe you the truth. After calming down, I looked it up myself. After a little further digging I found out that 3.1 million of those consoles were sold in month 1. This was far more damning in my eyes.

I mean, 800,000 consoles in the last 11 months? Following behind the smash hit that was the Wii, one had to expect more. I mean, Nintendo had all kinds of momentum right? Yet here we are. To my knowledge, MS and Sony have already each put 1 million on the scoreboard. That’s 25 percent of the deficit made up in a week. What happens if both consoles fly past the Wii U? How can Ninty pick up sales for the console? Will the new Mario game do it?

Shoot, forget solutions. What’s the problem? One has to wonder what is holding the system back. Some people think it’s lack of consumer awareness. Many people apparently think the Wii U is simply an add on device. Something they don’t need. Others say the difference in console power wasn’t enough to warrant a purchase. I personally think Ninty overestimated how much most Wii owners really want to play video games. A lot of them won’t play anything other than a Wii. It’s all they are comfortable with. Whatever the case, I feel something has to give.

This whole post could be irrelevant as soon as a month from now for all I know. We did just watch the PS3 and 3DS climb out of the proverbial early grave. The Wii U could somehow take off this holiday season and render this all pointless. I could look like an idiot, and you could all say Jerz should be ashamed of himself for writing that nonsense. Or, you know. Things could continue the way they are and the whispers could become deafening. Either way, let us know how you feel about it. Enjoy your Thanksgaming…..sorry…..your Thanksgiving everyone!

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