Buying Guide (November 2013)

Hey there gamers!  Big month ahead for us. This buying guide will deal strictly with the current gen (of which we consider Wii U a member because its our blog and we can. So there.) We will detail the launch of the XBox One and PS4  down the road. So for those who aren’t purchasing either of those consoles right now, here’s what your gaming budget SHOULD be going towards.

COD: Ghosts –  PS3, PC, 360, Wii U (Nov.5)


I’m gonna be completely honest. I did NOT want to put this game on the list. You know why? Because I don’t feel like it’s worth your money. I just don’t. But millions disagree, and it would be irresponsible of me to neglect that fact. So for the millions…..AND MILLIONS……of COD fans out there…..your holiday is here. I haven’t paid attention to COD since MW2, so I won’t even pretend to know what this game is about. But it’s COD, so you don’t really care anyway. Just go buy it and have fun. And if it sucks, just know I told you so.

Tearaway – PS Vita (Nov. 22)


The creators of Little Big Planet are back with a brand new world for gamers to get lost in. Players will take control of Iota and his god-like powers to literally fold, shape, and tear the paper world around them. Why you ask? To deliver a special message. Who knows what it may be? Half the fun is finding out. Expect Media Molecule’s now trademark charm and wit to bring the world to life as only they can.

Ratchet And Clank: Into The Nexus – PS3 (Nov.15)


Everyone’s favorite lombax is back to finally wrap up the Ratchet & Clank Future series. For those who don’t know the drill, expect crazy enemies and crazier weaponry. Insomniac has returned the series to its true form after the last title’s departure into multiplayer. As such, expect bigger bosses, more platforming, and a lot more goodies to collect and uncover. And…..CLANK. Can’t forget the robot genius.

Need For Speed: Rivals – PS3, PC, 360 (Nov.19


Cops and robbers anyone? Criterion is back with another go round of the racing series that just won’t quit. This time around, the game is centered on cops vs drivers. The drivers earn cred by evading the cops and showing the world how awesome and uncatchable they truly are. This in turn allows you access to better cars and upgrades. Meanwhile, the cops earn rank by making busts, which enables you access to better police tech. It’s like a chess match played out in the streets. Add in Criterion’s obsession with creating a seamless online experience and you have a winner. I STILL MISS BURNOUT PARADISE. *sheds a tear*

SMB 3D World – Wii U (Nov.22)


The Super Mario 2 crew is finally reunited in the first 3d multiplayer Mario game. Everyone has retained their powers from Mario 2, such as Luigi’s high jump and Peach’s gliding skills. New power-ups include the cat transformation, which allows you to move around on all fours. Allowing more than one player in a 3D Mario environment sounds very interesting, and I feel its a great step in the right direction for the franchise. Besides, its Mario! There’s always room for more.

L.O.Z Link Between Worlds


The 3DS’s first original Zelda game is upon us, and it looks amazing. This tale is set in the world of “A Link To The Past.” Link can now flatten himself into a 2D drawing to access places he couldn’t otherwise reach. But the most exciting thing about the game to yours truly? It’s said to actually be DIFFICULT. As great as the Zelda series has been to me, it was never particularly tough. So hearing that the difficulty has been ramped up was music to my ears. The visuals look great, exactly how a reimagining of that world should look. All in all it looks to be another positive notch in the Zelda’s legacy’s belt.

Bringing up the rear are two DLC packs. Bioshock Infinite: Burial At Sea (Episode 1) and Borderlands 2: Headhunter Pack. They both look to be substantial add-ons, so fans of those games should surely pick them up.

There you go. See? Don’t feel left out if you aren’t picking up a new system in the coming weeks. There is still plenty to play until you can get your hands on one. Let us know what you decide to buy, or if any of our recommendations suck. Past or present. See you around gamers!

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