Peagle05: Gaming Resume

Starting off with my gaming resume. As the youngest one writing, I don’t have many of the initial impact memories of certain games, though I have played them at different points in my life. I’d like to extend my thanks to RealGoesRight and Chronojerz for letting me join up with them to write about something I love.

Name: Peagle05

Age: 23

Experience: 19 years

Intro To Gaming: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: Back from the Sewers on the original Game Boy

Systems Currently Owned: Xbox 360, PS3, WiiU

Strongest Genre: Action-Adventure and RPG. I’ve always been a Zelda fan, played and beat every major game in the series with the exception of The Adventure of Link (still working on that). Love playing RPGs, Turn-Based or action, Tales of Symphonia is one of my favorites. Of course I grew up playing Final Fantasy as well, with 4 being my favorite.

Weakest Genre: Tactical RPGs. As much as I enjoy playing RPGs, this style has never been my favorite, I’ve played Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy Tactics, but the gameplay style never really appealed to me.

All Time Fav System: Nintendo 64

Current Fav System: I play my 360 more often at the moment, but I honestly have to say I’m enjoying my Wii U right now. Playing on the GamePad works extremely well. I’m hoping the support for it picks up.

Favorite Game: For this generation, it’s a tie between Dishonored and Bioshock Infinite. Dishonored’s gameplay was great and it was the first game where I felt being stealthy and finishing clean with no kills was truly rewarding. The story in Infinte was amazing and the twist in my opinion was more impactful than the original Bioshock.

Code Check (Codes I know off the top of my head).
U,U,D,D,L,R,L,R,B,A, Select, Start = Konami Code
Other than the Konami Code, I never really made an effort to memorize codes. I always hated using them, even after finishing a game

Accomplishments (Gaming moments I am proud of).

  • 100% on Super Metroid. one of the few games I actually wanted to make the effort to complete.
  • First 30 kill game in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Competitive multiplayer is something I’ve been determined to get better at
  • Beating the original Devil May Cry. That last boss was a pain to get through

Other Notes:

I’m honestly annoyed by the concept of the “Console Wars” among gamers. I feel like people really miss out on great games coming from all sides because of it. I just love gaming, i play on any system as long as I enjoy the game. It’s something I’ve loved since I was a kid. As I’ve gotten older it became about understanding certain elements in games just as much as it is about playing them. Its been my goal for as long as I can remember to work in the gaming industry.

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