GTA V: The Impossible Is Possible

We all knew GTA V would dominate lives this week. I didn’t quite know it would dominate our blog. But here we are. I don’t feel bad though, because this has to be done. So here goes.

Without finishing the game, or touching the online, I can safely say Rockstar did the impossible. What I thought was an impossible bar to jump has been cleared with room to spare. I’m not gonna waste too much of your time explaining why I feel this way. There are too many reasons. I will just explain what I think this means for gaming.

Let’s be clear. I love story driven games. I need a reason to push forward. Past GTA games weren’t weak in this regard at all. Especially San Andreas. But the storytelling in this game is amazing. I can FEEL what these 3 characters feel. I even play different depending on who I’m controlling. Only 2 other times this gen did I become so invested in my character. I was playing a mission last night as Trevor. He was pissed and had to go see about some rivals. I hopped in the car and turned to the pop station. 3 seconds later Trevor screams in disgust and changes to heavy metal. The crazy part is I felt like crap for even putting him through that. Amazing.

What Rockstar did is make an open world game with the story telling panache of a linear controlled experience. Do you know what that means for gaming? Imagine what’s possible next gen. No longer does a video game have to sacrifice it’s story to give the player space to play as they see fit, or focus on the online multiplayer. There’s no excuse anymore. And I’m ecstatic.

I’m not stupid. I’m not expecting every game from here on out to reach this level of greatness. But the devs that are pushed by that race to the top? They have to be excited man. Look at a game like Watchdogs. How can you not be even more excited now? I know GTAV marks the end of a generation, but I pray it also marks the start of a new era. Here’s hoping gamers. I’m gonna go play some more now. See you later.

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