Fun With Numbers: Games With Gold vs PS Plus

Not too long ago, I read a few tweets on Twitter discussing which free service had the better offerings every month. I personally felt like it was the PS4, but I decided to actually do the research and see what was up. This is by no means a definitive answer to the question. It’s more…


A Post For Kyah.

Every once in a while, we as gamers can get lost in our own little worlds. We spend so much time gaming and enjoying worlds created for us, and sometimes we can forget that our own world comes with harsh realities. Sometimes things happen that we can’t control, and we have to deal with them…


The Various Types of Gamers

Note: For the record, some of these terms already exist. This is just my description of these terms. Ah, video games! Full of fun, controversy, and broken friendships (COUGH blue turtle shell COUGH), they made a huge impact on a lot of people throughout the years. An impact so big, they actually created different personalities…


Sony E3 Wrap Up

ICYMI…..Start at 12:25. Sony came into E3 riding a wave of momentum. Their main job was simply to let that momentum carry them through the conference. Sony had other plans. Sony decided it wasn’t good enough to give the people what they wanted. They decided to sprinkle in some of what the people dreamed of.


EA E3 Wrap Up

***For a much more in-depth look at each individual conference, give our E3 podcasts a listen*** During E3 week, one must take the good with the bad. With so many developers vying for attention, everyone expects great pressers. Whether it’s trying to gain momentum or re-energize the fanbase, E3 is where companies build consumer confidence…


Microsoft E3 Wrap Up

***For a much more in-depth look at each individual conference, give our E3 podcasts a listen*** Microsoft, early in their console career, was a running joke when it came to E3 conferences. Their presentations tended to seem out of place, and they didn’t capitalize on all the exciting reasons there were to be an Xbox…